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Bilingual Speech Language Evaluations

Details how to, sections you should have in a bilingual educational evaluation. Highly recommended for all professionals working with CLD children.

Reviews have been positive as to user friendliness and versatility.

Language Develoment in the young Second Language Learner of English


This book focuses on early childhood bilingualism and second language learning in young children 0 to 6 years of age. Through the development of personal vignettes and short anecdotes, the author develops and demonstrates how an understanding of second language learning assists the practitioner and parent in unraveling the maze and enigma of the journey of second language learning itself. It is also intended to aid the reader in the understanding of how to best meet the educational needs of these young second language learners.



In my work as a bilingual bicultural speech language pathologist, I have yet to meet a parent whom regretted raising their child to be bilingual. However, I have heard many, many stories of regret and disappointment from parents who did not make this choice. My hope and prayer in preparing this concise, pragmatic, and practical booklet is that you will use it as a guide for offering your children the gift of speaking more than one language and doing so with ease.




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