The Mission of SLLLC is to Provide Assistance, Information and Support to Those Who Educate, Evaluate, and Raise Second Language  Learners and also to provoide quality CE to many professionals in many needed areas

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Deborah_Chitester M.S.,CCC/SLP, Founder of SLLLC:  

Deborah Jill Chitester received her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University in New York and was granted her Certificate of Clinical Competence (C.C.C) by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has 17+ years experience working with all age levels and with culturally linguistically diverse populations, having received special certification by the State of New York which qualified her as a Bilingual (English/Spanish) Speech-Language Pathologist. Also, Deborah has worked with all age levels and all disabilities. She began her professional career in the New York city, Long Island area, where she worked with both private patients as well as with the major school systems and corporations.

In her practice, Second Language, Literacy and Learning Connection LLC, located in New Jersey, she clinically interacts with both monolingual clients for whom English is the second language. These clients consist of all ages and disabilities and she utilizes some of the latest computer based treatment especially designed to promote optimal language development and augmentation. Due to the use of her “linguistic features” approach, her client mix is increasingly more culturally linguistically diverse encompassing those representing almost all language backgrounds.[nbsp] Deborah is an advocate of “highest quality service provider” having given many speaking engagements at parent/special interest support, and educational association groups to inform and educate parents and professionals regarding appropriate educational practices for second language learners. In addition, she offers her services as a Bilingual/Monolingual[nbsp] Independent Educational Evaluator to those entities requiring expertise in differential diagnosis of language disorder and difference.

Deborah has been a poster presenter at ASHA’s national convention and Asha’s schools conference in the area of appropriate clinical management of speech language disorders in culturally linguistically diverse children (CLD). She has also given informative presentations on effective evaluation of CLD children to help identify and recognize language difference vs true speech delay for school districts and other professional audiences. Deborah had been selected to be a presenter at the New Jersey Speech Hearing Association convention in both 2005 and 2006 and her presentation dealt with strategies for conducting culturally sensitive and appropriate assessments for diverse populations and overall clinical management of speech language disorders in culturally linguistically diverse children. One presentation also dealt with the facilitation of literacy instruction particularly reading in the English Language Learner population. In addition, she is currently writing a HOW TO resource guide that will support both parents and educators in their quest to provide and seek appropriate educational services for second language learners. She provides professional development in this area both locally and nationally. She has written a LINGUISTIC FEATURES APPROACH which should aid professionals in being able to provide comprehensive and appropriate second language analyses of children who are being considered for referral to special education. Lastly, She provides specialized language services for internationally adopted children and provides consultative services for parents concerning the importance of distinguishing second language aspects from true speech and language disorders.

In 2007 she published her first resource guide called "Unlocking the Enigma of the Second Language Learner: An Educator and Parental Resource Guide." This was followed by a second publication entitled "Language Development of the Young Second Language Learner of English." A third book entitled "Bilingual Speech Language Evaluations" What Every SLP and Educator Wants to Know and Never Asked or Could Not Get the Answer To.. a book containing valuable information about conducting bilingual speech and language and educational evaluations has recently been released. Currently, as of the date of this writing, she is about to release a brand new curriculum written for children who wish to learn a second language based on those variables identified which correlate to the facilitation of a successful second language experience.

Additionally, as the CEO of SLLLC she receives finanical compensation as such for presentations and products and also is the founder of the non profit 501c3 called Multi-language Kids, INC which will provide technical assistance to schools in this area as well as proliferate appropriate educational programming for diverse learners and specialized family literacy programs for families of English as a second language learners.


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